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Wolf Head Pullover Hoodie

Wolf Head Pullover Hoodie

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Well, you wild wolf! Check out this classic-fit hoodie that will make you howl with joy! Imagine slipping into this cozy piece of clothing. It has a spacious front pocket, perfect for storing your loot.

🐺 With every stitch, this hoodie promises durability and comfort, thanks to the pre-shrunk French terry and double seam.

🐺 Feel the softness that envelops your fur.

🐺 The hood is big enough to keep your ears nice and warm underneath.

So, wild wolf, what are you waiting for? Bite into this hoodie and make a statement that's as wild as you are.

*also suitable for entire wolf packs

Size Chart

S 50.8 68.6
M 53.3 71.1
L 58.4 73.7
XL 63.5 76.2
2XL 67.3 78.7
3XL 71.1 81.3
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