Preisanpassungen - Jetzt könnt ihr noch mehr sparen!

Price adjustments - Now you can save even more!

We're excited to announce that we've made an exciting change: our prices are now as fluffy as our products! 🎉

You can now spice up your wardrobe with our stylish t-shirts for just €29.99 and our super comfy hoodies for an unbeatable €49.99. We've worked hard to make our products even more affordable so that each of you can find the perfect outfit that highlights your unique style.

But that's not all! Even though our shop is currently still in maintenance mode, you can look forward to something very special: For the grand reopening, we are offering you T-shirts for only €24.99 and hoodies for an unbeatable €44.99! 🎁

We understand that the wait is frustrating, but we are working hard to reopen our shop for you as soon as possible. So keep an eye on our social media channels to make sure you don't miss any news!

We can't wait to welcome you back to our shop. Until then, stay fluffy and stylish! 🌟

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